Konkani Style Solkadhi Recipe – Kokum Drink

Solkadi Is a part of Malvani cuisine. it is served as a digestive and also as a cooler. Kokum also known as Garcinia indica is a fruit bearing plant from the mangosteen family. The plant yields dark red colored fruit. they are amazing with a sweet sour taste. We would have the kokum fruits with salt.

Solkadhi or a digestive kadhi made of kokum (a plant of the mangosteen family) is very refreshing and tasty drink, a speciality of Konkan region that extends from Goa through Maharashtra.

The kokum fruit is largely produced in this Konkan region and used as an astringent or souring agent in many of the specialties of the area. This Solkadhi uses coconut along with kokum and the drink is either had with rice or consumed as a digestive beverage at the end of a meal.

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