Fruit Research Center,Vengurla

A visit to Vengurla is incomplete without a visit to the Konkan farming university and Fruit Research Center. This multipurpose institute is a study centre as well as tourist spot. The R and D center specializes in remolding and creating a more efficient and strong variety of Mango and Cashew crop. Sindhu, a brand new variety of mango, was developed by the institute and is now being appreciated by the cynosure of mangoes. The nursery run by the research centre offers a variety of saplings. The cashew factory in the vicinity displays the entire process of cashew separation, roasting and packing.

Fruit Research Center, Vengurla is a multi-purpose institute, renowned for conducting experiments on mangoes and cashews. The researches and experiments at the center resulted in developing Sindhu, one of the varieties of mango. Various types of saplings and seeds can be purchased from the centers nursery. At the cashew factory located near the center, one can see the entire process of separation, roasting and packaging of cashews. The center is situated on the main road leading towards the camp area and can be easily reached by taxis and buses.

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