Kondura Beach

Kondura beach is located in the small quiet village of Kondura, in Vengurla taluka of Sindhudurg district, Southern Maharashtra. This is one of those virgin beaches which is isolated from everyday rushing crowds and tourists. The reason being, firstly, it takes quiet an effort to reach this place, and secondly, more often than not there is no mobile network or internet connectivity or both.

Hence, if you are a person who is fed up with the daily run of a mill life, this place can serve as your perfect hideout. No one can reach you, and most probably you too can not communicate with your colleagues, unless you go out and find some other way out to communicate. So, this could be a dream holiday for workaholics.

Visiting this beach during the sunset will delight even the toughest of the hearts. I can assure, if you can take the pain and reach Kondura beach, you will not regret a penny. The rocky shore with crystal like rocks spread all over are bound to mesmerize you. The curling blue sea waves, the silvery sands and the cool breeze blowing across you face, are all bound to leave indelible impressions on the visitors mind.

This beach is perfect to go for a swim, even for amateurs, as the waters are not very deep and the waves are gentle. There are a lot of sea shells sprayed around, so if you are a sea shell lover, you can spend hours together picking them up or stitching them together.

Onto the left of the beach is a small mountain full of coconut trees and onto the right is a cluster of huts belonging to the locals, who also serve local liquor to the visitors. This place is well known for bird watching. As you sit by the seashore, you can see groups of green parrots flying across the skies every now and then, and if you are lucky enough, you may get to watch the Red backed sea eagle, locally known as ‘Brahminy Kite.’

All in all, with serene atmosphere and picturesque beauty, Kandura beach is worth paying a visit with your family, friends and loved ones. Rest assured that you will cherish those moments spent on this beautiful seashore for the rest of your lives!

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