Dutch Factory

Dutch factory was built up in Vengurla town of Sindhudurg area in Maharashtra. It is otherwise called Dachanchee Vakhar in the Marathi dialect by local people. Today, Dutch factory, which was really a post amid its bygone era, is a surrendered scene. The guests were not permitted to enter inferable from dangers of trash and hazards of falling, however now it is permitted. Dutch plant sees a great deal of parasitic development of plants and it is been secured by the trees adjacent them. There untruths no magnificence in its appearance, today, however it has extraordinary advancing chronicled hugeness.
The history runs this way, the Dutch manufacturing plant was worked as a stronghold by the Dutch dealers that had command over this region amid the 17th century, in 1639. The post was at first a storage facility and managerial area for the plans of restrictions to the Portuguese and Britishers. In the end, the Britishers had its command over the fortress and they moved the administrative premises over the Dutch production line. Amid that time, the stronghold has immense invigorated dividers and bastions and was secured by the gatekeepers with the weapons. There were guns in the anteroom. The fortification had an exemplary criticalness for the viable control and the executives. Afterward, after Britishers moved out, the post in the end lost its allure. The rich wooden furniture was stolen from the storage facilities.

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